Research and innovation for firms

Research networks Research areas at PIN The applied research carried out at PIN is a fundamental contribution to the productive sectors in Italy and abroad. Amongst PIN’s goals are the development of technological research and the application of its results using technology transfer in close connection with the local economy, industry and institutions. This network actioned by the 22 applied research laboratories that exist within PIN, has created a strategic link between university research and companies that strive to become more competitive through innovation.
PIN’s services present an important growth opportunity for the local economy, as well as a means for contact and dialogue with institutions.
With 20 years experience, PIN is a solid and reliable partner that facilitates relationships. It is dynamic, innovative, strongly rooted in its territory, and open to the current needs of those creating innovation and business.

Who do we assist?

  • Firms, organizations and institutions that want to become more competitive in technological innovation, organization, strategy and internationalization
  • Individuals seeking assistance to develop a business idea or to solve management problems
  • Those in search of funds for projects through fundraising or government/EU-funded calls

What do we offer?

Applied research projects carried out by qualified laboratories using both professors and university researchers.
PIN is an R&D partner for firms but also a player in public projects at local, regional, national and EU levels.